Bringing Italy To Alexandria!

In downtown Alexandria, Egypt especially in Raml station, you will find really awesome vintage 50’s era restaurants/cafes.

One of those awesome restaurants is called Chez Gaby. Chez Gaby serves delicious authentic Italian cuisine that will have you unbuttoning your pants just to finish your plate!

Once you walk in there you’ll feel like you just went through a portal that teleported you straight into a vintage Italian Countryside Cafe.

The decorations, the background music, the tables, windows… everything is perfectly spot on.

It’s a certified 4 stars restaurant, but won’t hurt your wallet; the prices are reasonable and affordable.

The food is really really really really GOOD!

In addition to the great food and decent service, they also have an awesome wine menu 😉

I’m definitely adding Chez Gaby to my list of favorite restaurants in Alexandria!

If you’re in Alexandria or planning to visit Alexandria, you should definitely stop by this place and enjoy a hot plate of Escalope Pane with lemon sauce and mushrooms as well as their juicy Roxy pizza.

Hit the place up and let me know what you think of the place.
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