Bohemian Gallery? YES PLEASE! 

I came across a business page on facebook a couple of weeks ago that sells Bohemian artwork and decorations.

I really felt curious to ask about their store location, go check it out and see what they have to offer so, I contacted the store owner (Shoroq) who is a fellow Pharos university alumni. 

She was very kind enough to agree to let me stop by, snap some pictures and write about this up & coming business “Bohemian Gallery” located on 13th Amir el Behar street, Kafr Abdou.

I went there today and checked the place out and I have to say…I’m in LOVE!

I even ended buying a lovely baby blue dream catcher and this full moon wall painting. 

The place is really authentic, genuine and has a positive energy about it. 

So, shoroq started her business at about two years ago online, where she would display the merchandise online and ship them to the buyer/customer.

She wanted to do something different and new, something that the normal stores wouldn’t dare to do and since she loves arts and decorations, she came up with the idea for her store (Bohemian Gallery).

The prices there are very affordable and within reach, it has everything a bohemian kind of guy/girl would dream about owning.

From cup coasters, dream catchers, jewelry, cups to wall paintings.

Here are some of the pictures I took for the merchandise that I hope you guys would like.

So, what do you guys think? Pretty cool, right? 

If you like what you see then please go and check Shoroq’s (Bohemian Gallery) facebook page: Bohemian gallery

Alexandrians, Go and support this girl and her business! 



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