Oops..I did it again!

So, I have been deliberating and going back and forth between giving my hair the razor treatment or not.

Here is the thing..I like my hair long enough to use as a stress reliever, something I can pull and mess with.

But lately with all of the stress, constant mood swings and the hot summer days I have been feeling so tide down by my hair. 

So on a hot summer night I was in the car with my mom when I saw a barbershop while she was driving and I yelled “PULL OVER” .

She punched me in the shoulder while saying “Didn’t yo mama teach you any manners!”…okay mom lesson learned…never yell at a woman while she is driving.

I went into the barbershop and shaved all of my hair off! 

And I have to say, it’s very liberating!

Ofc I felt a cold breeze on my head but it’s not my first time at the rodeo so I got used to it.

Other than just getting rid of my hair for personal reasons, there are plenty of benefits for shaving your hair off and here are some benefits from a personal experience:

1- you don’t waste anytime styling your hair and getting ready in the morning, 

2- showers take fewer time 

3- you save money from all the barbershop visits 

4- you look more confident and mature 

5- it fixes your dandruff issues 

So here you have it folks, I really recommend that every guy should at least try it out and just have fun with it! 


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