When Thai food meets the American bar!

Sigh…Baang saeng thai restaurant…what can I say about this awesome restaurant/bar.

It’s located in Adliya, Shaikh Isa avenue so if you are coming from anywhere in Manama it’s just a 15min drive.

On the ground floor you will find this American themed bar with all of the factors that can make you unwind and take a load off, the dimmed lights and the American classics of rock and roll/pop music create a very lovely atmosphere, the music is not too loud so you can hear your friends talking and it’s not too low either.

You can shoot some pools, throw some darts and basically have a good time.

Head up to the first floor and you will find this Thai themed restaurant with warm and cozy decor with Thai statues in every corner.

Now, everyone knows that I’m a huge foodie and I love eating, I never tried Thai food before and to be honest I was afraid to try it or end up still being hungry after finishing my plate but man was I wrong!

My favorite go-to plate on the menu is the spicey stir fried beef with a side dish of fried noodles…just the thought of that plate made my mouth literally drool…oh, and the Tom Yom soup! *breathes heavily*

As for the appetizer go for their spring rolls and pick your drink from the long list of beverages they have.

The best thing is, if you are feeling too lazy to climb up to the restaurant you can simply order while sipping on your drink down at the bar and your plate will come right to you. 

The service is very fast, the waitresses are very friendly and decent, the place is very clean and the food/drinks prices are very reasonable. 

Now if you are an expat in bahrain and you are looking for a place to unwind at after work or on the weekend hit this place up and give it a try and I’m sure you will love it. 

To contact them, Call : 17715775

Baan Saeng Thai Restaurant

Rd No 2629, Manama, Bahrain

If you have ever been there before, let me know what you thought about that place by commenting down below.


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