I was always protected by my parents growing up, through my childhood they would never let me watch the news, horror movies or basically anything that contains violence and blood was forbidden and me being this awkward shy kid I never interacted much with classmates or kids in our neighborhood.

It wasn’t until my late teens that I started seeing a side to humanity that I quite still can’t wrap my brain around it. 

I was always shocked at what humans can do and what they are capable of doing, from stealing, lying, cheating, wars, etc. 

I’m not saying I’m a saint though..I try to live as peacefully as I can but there is always something that depresses me about humans and talking from personal experiences, I’m amazed by the samples I have met during these past few years because my naive personality has made me such an easy target for anyone looking to have a good laugh. 

What’s so interesting in being Human? 

I know humans make mistakes and blah blah blah but you learn from them, you grow up from them, that’s the point after all right? 

I have dealt with countless of messed up personalities, humans pretending to be someone they are not, Humans taking advantage of others then move on when they find a better replacement or just because simply they are bored. 

Even humans who promise you the world only to back out when they please then jump back in when they please.

I’m still learning from the people I have met throughy out these past few years but I’m starting to notice that there are humans that are just *click**copy*paste* from others.

I know I may never grow out this “Naive” thing as it’s in my personality but I’m certainly more aware of the Humans I should avoid and run away from, Although they may come disguised as Happiness and your last hope in life it doesn’t mean they truly are…some humans are just a wolf in cheep clothing.


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