Before I met You.

If I was with you right now I would wanna scream on the top of my lungs that I love you or loved you. Before I met you I knew what love was .. all about showing off the person you love, respecting them, caring for their feelings, putting their happiness before yours and that’s what I did. I loved you. Truly.
I respected you in many ways you didn’t even realize I mean that’s what you do for someone you love, you just do what makes them happy no matter what you suffered or sacrificed for them. Their happiness becomes yours.
You on the other hand lied, cheated, made me look over my shoulder, always trying to figure out if I have done or said the wrong thing.

Now that I have met you I have no idea what love is. I will tell you what I do know though, I will never look at myself the same in the mirror I will look at myself better than I ever have because I am getting through this without you. I am stronger and yeah I got a couple trust issues and lifelong lasting scars left on my heart. I am fragile but not shattered and that’s only because I learned a person who doesn’t love and value themselves cant love or value anyone else. 

Learned the hard way.


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