A Husky and A Housewife Drama!

Last Friday,

Waking up I thought it was going to be a drama free friday but apparently some people whom I haven’t met before in my life decided to bash me online with hateful messages and comments.

Let me take you through this mess step by step, I had a Husky dog that I had to put up for adoption with an adoption fee that some people thought might be too much, if you don’t have it don’t argue about it, right? 

So I posted an ad on several facebook groups hoping to find shadow “the husky” a nice caring home.

Little did I know that some people literally have the free time to come up with lies and share false judgment on other people just for the fun of it.

A guy that I messeged a week earlier because I was looking for a small sized dog to raise indoors saw my ad about shadow and thought I was this weirdo who trades innocent pets for money so he took it upon himself to share my private information on the groups I posted the ads on, saying that I’m a lying dog dealer, which I’m not incase you haven’t been paying attention and that gave me a lot of heat online.

Later on when I explained to him what the whole thing was about he sincerely apologised then deleted the hateful comments/post

What bugged me the most was this old bored housewife that attacked me on a different group calling me out for being a liar, a cheater and shared my face pic with my personal information that she got and her friends jumped in to “save the day” with her attacking me online like I just killed their pets!

I explained myself to her and her friends and I had some of my friends join in to make things clear but she blocked me and deleted me from that group.

So when all of the drama was explained on the other groups I mentioned her under the apology posts thinking that she had the maturity to realise her mistake and maybe apologies but at the end of the day this is a bored housewife we are talking about here.

She went on the attack AGAIN! 

Saying that she should be left out of this and she wants nothing to do with this then blocked me again…..

Yeah, facepalm…

I seriously wanted to know wtf was wrong with her!

What kind of example is she setting for her kids/grandkids by making mistakes and not owning up to them?

She came for me and called me out for being a liar and a cheater and when she gets to see the truth she runs away? 

Cyber bullying is a crime and apparently it’s not limited for teenagers, all I wanted was to see her apologies for wrongfully accusing me of things I’m not and I talked with her in very respectful way because that’s how I was brought up, to respect the elders.

So at the end of the post I just want to say that cyber bullying is not OKAY! it really hurts as much as physical bullying and please please please to who ever reads this, don’t judge someone based on a post online or based on something you heard about them….don’t judge someone at all…it’s not your job to judge other people and if you turned out to be wrong about them…apologies…be mature about it 

So my mature readers, what do you think about this unnecessary drama? Tell me about your point of view down in the comments 🙂

P.S : shadow was adopted a day later by a loving family 




  1. It was not right to get bullied like that but also it IS the internet where everything is not always what it seems! So dont take anything personally. People misunderstand things online and maybe people didnt understand what you were doing. As for the dog i can understand why people will be hesitant to give you a small sized dog for adoption (for free) when you already have a dog and are giving it away but asking for some money. Remember there are no animal right here so many will stand up for the animals themselves. They will prefer to be labeled like a bored housewife, than see an innocent dog go to the wrong home. They will be the voice for the animals and will protect them. There are TOO MANY cruel people here abusing animals and reselling and making business or not caring for them (im not syaing you are like that) but other people are scared that you can be like that wihout knowing you. Dogs are not objects to trade. A dog is for life i could never give my german shepard away and then ask for another small dog. Shadow is for sure missing you and wondering what the hell he did to be given away to other people. People will think this is not what a animal lover does. But good luck. 🙂


    • I get your point of view but shadow wasn’t mine to begin with his owner left him for me because he was going out of town for a couple of days but weeks then months came by and his phone was always off and blocked me on whatsapp and since I have other pets at home I had to put their safety first since shadow was starting to become very aggressive with them and my family members, as for the woman a lot of people texted her and told her it was a misunderstanding and they posted their apologize on the groups because they knew they misjudged me, but she apparently was too cool for sorry and her pride was very high to even apologize for me in a private message


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