Fun and Fast? 

Do you know how many times I have started to write this post?

It’s almost too embarrassing to be honest.

I used to have such a clear direction of what I wanted InstagramBoy to be, and now I really just leave it to my daily mood. Today you have caught me in an extremely OCD mode. I mean things around here are: CLEAN, COLOR COORDINATED AND IN THEIR CORRECT SPOT! I have no idea what came over me this morning but every piece of clutter was either thrown out or put back into it’s appropriate place. I wouldn’t call myself an overly tidy person but IF I DON’T KNOW WHERE SOMETHING IS, it will occupy my mind all day long. Doesn’t matter how unimportant the object is, it could be LipBalm, I will literally develop a tension headache over it- so I guess this morning my subconscious was kicking in.

WHAT’S UP!??!? HOW IS EVERYBODY? Let me know how was your weekend in the comments below, I now need to go shower because I have a later afternoon father and son time, window shopping for a new car!! 

This was fun and fast, which is sometimes the only way to go!

Chat tomorrow!


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