21 years ago on a Wednesday at 4 am Hassan was born, he was the chubbiest and cutest baby with huge lips that you have ever seen!

Wait…why am I talking in third person? 

Anyway, the day is finally here! I’m finally turning the big 21 which means finally people will start taking me seriously and I don’t need my parents approval on paperwork, college admissions, renting a car or even entering a country “I’m talking to you Emirates!” 

I’m mean come on! Why do people take age so seriously ?

Growing up, for me age has always been a number, although I understand why some people well, most people judge the younger generations.

So the day started out great, texts and calls from friends and family and I liked how some of them really put an effort into it and showing how much they care.

So after blowing out the candles with my family and eating 3/4 of the cake I headed to my person’s house for a second celebration and it was special by every means!  

Very simple and private and it really was the best birthday celebration in my life ! Not because of the strawberry tarts or the roses or the balloons *I love balloons btw*  but because of that special person.

The gift although it was awesome but it wasn’t that gift that mattered but it was another gift that made the birthday special,a gift that special person didn’t even know about, the happiness in that person’s eyes !

Because I was surprised and happy I saw happiness in their eyes and that’s what matters the most to me nothing is greater than that and I couldn’t have asked for a better gift.

So when I went home I only had one word on my mind and that word was grateful. 

Grateful for having loving friends and family, grateful for  having a special someone to be my backbone and grateful to have spent 21 years with their ups and downs on this planet, and I think even my cat Gatsby was grateful for the gift box which he later that night used as hugging pillow.



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