Taking Over Hurghada! 

It’s the moment I have been waiting for all year long…Summer is here! 

And you know what that means, don’t you? 

Swimming, tanning, clubbing and snorkeling.

So me and my family staid at Old Vic hotel in Hurghada next to the walk which is a place with lots of nice restaurants, boutiques and bars

So I can safely say it’s the perfect spot to stay at while you are in Hurghada.

The view from my room was priceless, I knew waking up to this view for the next 5 days will be Epic!  


During those 5 days, sleeping was the last thing on my mind because I wanted to make the most of my stay there.

So, here are the highlights from my 5 days in Hurghada : 

Day 1 : 

I wasted no time, got into my swimming shorts and tank top and flip flops, got my beach towel and sunglasses and hit the blue water beach. 

Sadly we arrived late at hurghada so i just took a long swim and relaxed on the beach, later that day we went to a restaurant that serves amazing egyptian cuisine and I was food pregnant!  

Day 2 : 


I just love it when a boat throws you in the middle of the sea where you can float and relax your body in deep water, and when you free drive in that deep crystal clear water you feel so peaceful!

Nothing but silence down there and suck beautiful scenery.

Day 3 : 

We took another boat trip to a small island surrounded by colorful reefs, the boat drops you 10 meters away from it and you have to swim all the way to it, the things I saw down there were truly breathtaking but I have to say once I got to the island i dropped dead at the shore like a whale waiting to be harpooned back to the sea, I was so exhausted and out of breath..I guess it’s time to cut off smoking, right? 

Day 4 : 

Now day 4 was the best day ever in the trip! 

I can now check two things off of my to do list! 

In the morning  went paragliding for the first time in my life and it was…i dunno how to say it…SCARY as fudge! 

Yet enjoyable, being up high and seeing every inch from Hurghada was priceless! 

Me and my little sister took the ride with me and that’s a moment we will have to laugh about for the rest of ourlives, we were so brave before getting on it and acting like two macho dudes but once we were up there we literally became two old british ladies holding on for dear life!  

I was so happy when we touched solid ground, but hey! YOLO right? 

And at night, I went and got my first tattoo! 

Yup that’s right I’m an inked man, now can I join you mob? 

I got an ancient egyptian symbol called “the eye of ra” .

It is supposed to protect you from bad things like diseases or accidents, but it’s all a myth I think.

Day 5 : 

I wasn’t going to let the last night in Hurghada pass without waking up with a hangover the next morning! 

So I went to this awesome club called “little buddah”, the atmosphere there is so cool and makes you wanna shake it off T-swift style! 

Had sushi for dinner, drank a couple of drinks…..okay a lot!

Then danced the night away  

So Imagine having 5 days of summer-fun then having to come home “amy winehouse” drunk at 4 am and suddenly remember that you have a flight at 9 am to Jeddah, KSA and you still have’t packed a thing!  

Sorry for the mess above but I just threw everything in and went to bed to try to catch some beauty sleep.

So readers, remember to always enjoy your time, enjoy the little things, take a risk and do things you haven’t done before. #YOLO


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