A Day In April

The clock turns 12:00 am which meant the day that I have waited for, for a long time has came.

it was the 26th of April a date I have been thinking about the moment you told me about, it was your birthday!

so few minutes ago before it turned 12:00, I was writing your birthday message thinking about what I was going to say, I wrote the message and pressed send, your birthday gift arrived, I had the cake and the candles and everything was set to go!

Only thing now I have to do is to go to sleep, but I couldn’t because I had so much excitement in me to see that happy smile on your face.

finally I fell asleep dreaming about zombies and horror movies as usual, I just love these dreams, the give you that adrenaline rush you long for without moving a muscle, plus they seem more realistic than dreaming that I can fly or whatever.

I woke up and did my usual big brother duty which is driving my little sister to school and my older sister to her work, honestly I should get paid, I don’t want money I’ll be happy just getting paid with cheese burgers!

So the afternoon came and it was time to meet up with you, we met at about 6 pm and went to an amazing place called Park Hyatt hotel in Jeddah, KSA.

the hotel is very well designed well organized very luxurious , walking in there I felt like one of the royal family the only thing missing was the staff of butlers.

we sat at a restaurant called Fountain restaurant, the view from over there is breathtaking, it over looked the sea and the king Fahd fountain.11188372_10206814737506780_7658223783315859954_n

the clock turns 6:30 pm and now we can eat and you all know how Hassan loves to eat!


the food was amazing but the only thing I noticed was the lack of diversity in the food that the hotel served, but hey! who would care much about food when they have you right in front of them right ?

we both had a  huge billy from all of the food we ate and just when we where about to catch our breath desert was served, we looked at each other and were like “fudge it” one day won’t ruin our diet plan.

we ate the desert and now we were officially done, I was so stuffed that if someone mentioned food in front of me I would faint, so after we were done we moved to a lovely cafe called Cappuccino, also in park Hyatt but not the hotel but next to it they have this Yacht club with a lot of cafes right next to each other so we went to our favorite one.


it serves the best Hookah I have ever smoked in Jeddah, it’s like you are smoking clouds, heavenly fluffy clouds!

with the view, you right beside me, I couldn’t ask for anything else.


and as you can see, as I told you the view is breathtaking!

so we smoked our piece of heaven “Hookah” it was Lemon and mint flavor and drank our Green Tea, which was a must after that heavy meal and headed back home.

it was time to light up the candles and sign Happy birthday to you, I know my singing voice is terrible, let’s be honest I sound like a male cat in the mating season who is being run over by a car..nope a TRUCK!

and yes it’s that bad, but seeing that sweet innocent smile on your face while the candle’s flame flickering in your eyes made me forget about my bad voice.

So, I gave you my gift, we ate the cake and we snuggled a bit and it was time for me to head back home, I really hope you did enjoy the day and I’m looking forward to spend it again with you the next year.

and remember..Love you once, Love you twice, Love you more than beans and rice!


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