Silver sands beach

Having not been to the beach yet here, I was madly rushing around packing a bag, snacks, drink, hat, bathers, towel, sunglasses, flip flops, “where’s the sunscreen?”  I looked everywhere only to discover we didn’t have any. So a quick dash to the store to find the strongest sunscreen I could. 50+ great I am all set.  Its 9.25am got into the car with the family and off we go!

It is a good 45 mins or more to the beach.  Along the way we see many mansions standing alone surrounded by sand.  No trees, or shrubs, just desert.  We are all excited, especially me and my little sister, god knows how much we love the beach

As we are nearing the Silver Sands Beach suddenly there are trees and greenery and shade.  We pull into the Silver Sands Beach compound ready to enter.  The guard comes to collect the money from us.  Sadly we were disappointed as we all were led to believe by our weekly newsletter that it was 50SR. Not so they had put it up to 100RA. After a bit of discussion we all agreed to pay the price and enjoy the day.

silver sands 2We all got out and proceeded to go towards the beach.  What a welcoming sight it was.  Absolutely beautiful.  Pristine beach, white sand and the water looked sooo inviting.  A turquoise blue/green just like you see in the Mediterranean travel magazines.  It felt like we were on a tropical island with a lovely gentle breeze cooling us.  We found lazy lounge chairs to lay down on and tables with umbrella’s to shelter under.  Grass cabana’s were everywhere.  It was magic.  There was a nice tuck shop there to get freshly made coffee, sandwiches, croissants and snacks.  Lots of delicious cool fruit drinks.

Muslim LadyThere were a few Muslim families there.  Normally this beach is for westerners only.  They looked so hot with their outfit on.  Kind of looks like a loose rashy- wet suit, with a matching hat/scarf.  Some go in trousers/long tops and scarves.  At beaches where Saudi’s go they wear an Abaya into the water.

This beach is for Western Expats, Single males are not allowed here. Families and women only. Usually abyas  are allowed on the beach.

It was a very relaxing, enjoyable day. I do not know the phone number.

For more information about Silver Sands Beach you can go to the following websites.


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