R.I.P Beth Greene :(


So to the people that say I shouldn’t be upset over the death of a fictional character I say this: Beth Greene was not just a character. She wasn’t even just a person. She was the embodiment of the idea that even in the most dire situations, it’s possible to still have hope, still sing despite hearing no music, still believe there are good people when all the evidence points to the opposite.

Beth Greene died last night in front of her family who loved her dearly, in front of her fans who loved her just as much and with her died that ideal that we can hope.

I had hope watching her develop her character. I had hope because I felt like if Beth Greene could have hope in her world gone horribly wrong, I could have hope in mine too.

That was the real death last night in the beautiful soul that left the earth. The death of an ideal. The death of something rare. They killed the hope for Beth Greene. They killed the hope for Daryl Dixon. They killed the hope for all of us.



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