Friendship realness!

Today I want to discuss a very important part of all of our lives I’m sure; friendship. Friendship is what we rely on to get through the good times, the bad times, the confusing times, the emotional breakdown times and my personal favorite the  ” what the fuck is happening time”.

Sometimes things get so overwhelmingly good or bad you aren’t sure how long either time frame could potentially last for. But you always manage to get through it all with a little help from your friends, right? Sorry I couldn’t resist, it was just too easy to throw that famous little tag line in.

Anyway, back to friendship – I should start off  by saying I have been so blessed by the friendships I have had in my life. I truly have some of the best friends any person could ask for!

Friendships with people that call me on my shit, tell me when I need to shut the fuck up,  tell me when I’m wrong even though I DESPERATELY cling to being right, friendships that include people who tell me when my behavior needs to be changed.. all of it. These are friendships that have been apart of my life for most of my life. Whether it be friendships from birth or from seventh grade, I have managed to pick them well. They are ALL extremely bright! I am somebody who is fascinated by smart people, people who are powerful because of their ability to rely on their intellect, I was never that type pf person.

I’m this funny, semi shallow person…who are we kidding? I’m as shallow as it gets!

I NOW recognize TO BE smart, but  when I was in school, smart was not a word I aligned myself. So when It came to friendships, I made sure I sought out people that would teach me something, maybe I didn’t know this to be true at 17 but somewhere in that subconscious of mine I did.

Now at 20 – all the ones that have always mattered  are still by my side  and have been there through it all with me. I definitely had a period where I would focus on my going out friends because that was my priority. I wanted a pretty, fun, group of people to go out with and take the town by storm with,  and there was nothing wrong with that.

We all go through that phase and damn it we should! You only get to be young and silly once and you should live it to the fullest of your dreams and desires despite what anybody thinks or any judgements that people, society or family puts on you.

To end this pretty random post about friendships, not sure why they’re so heavily on my mind, but be around people you like and make you feel good. Avoid the ones that you just can’t get rid of that bad feeling they put in your stomach. TRUST ME I am as social as they get and I put myself through so many meals and pointless outings with people that never really had my best interest at heart, be cool and avoid that bullshit, because you will eventually just grow out of it and resent the time wasted. Happy Lazy Friday!



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