A GAGA experience : Pa – pa – part 2


Cheering fans, or “Little Monsters” as we are known, were left awestruck on Wednesday when pop star Lady Gaga shook up Dubai’s Meydan Arena.

The Artpop tour, which shares the name of her most recently released album, came to Dubai, extravagant costumes, signature Gaga anthems, screaming fans and all.

Scheduled to begin at 9pm, Lady Gaga made her way to the stage at around 11pm pm and greeting her fans with a personalized message: “Marhaba Dubai- My name is Lady Gaga.”

Despite some concerns that the pop star’s notorious dress-sense could offend some fans, Gaga said she would do her best to respect the local culture.

“We will do our best to respect your culture. We are here to honor you tonight,” she declared.


But luckily for fans, that did not stop her from performing her striking choreography and exploding on to the stage dressed in her outrageously grandiose costumes.

The queen of pop’s wild outfits did not fail to disappoint; she emerged from the off stage darkness in a set of elaborate looks and performed costume changes ever few songs.

The costumes that Lady Gaga modeled each seemed to be more wacky and exciting than the next. An edgy Christmas ornament, a 1997 rave outfit and a Yayoi Kasuma costume were amongst some of the eccentric pieces she paraded in while performing.

The self-defined misfit went out of her way to charm her fans in Dubai.

“I want to speak Arabic so bad but I’m terrible at it. I’m sorry,” the singer giggled. She left the stage saying “Shukran (thank you)… I love you Dubai.” banner3

She tried so hard to be one with us, especially when she tried and failed at speaking Arabic. The arena was just alive and full of crazy energy. It was extremely respectful and the only thing she took off this time was her wig.

Despite a positive atmosphere, some fans did complain about the heat as temperatures in Dubai reached 33 degrees Celsius in the evening. Although cool air was propelled into the arena by jet diffusers, the heat was still palpable.

it was truly a magical once in a lifetime experience and I was so honored to have witnessed it.



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