A GAGA experience : Pa – pa – part one!

“Happy early birthday present” said my dad while he was handing me a white envelope, it was on Friday the 5th of September, I was in my room watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians on E channel, when my dad walked in and said that, I stood up hugged him and thanked him without knowing what was inside that white envelope, he told me to open it, so I did and it was a jaw dropping surprise, I honestly couldn’t believe what I was holding in my hands!
It was a ticket for lady gaga’s live concert in Dubai “Artpop Ball”.
After reading what was on the ticket for the 10th time I started jumping up and down like a little girl with a beiber fever, I didn’t see that one coming!
He said “you have five days, do your bookings and pack your stuff you little monster” that’s what I used to call myself when I was 14 and gaga had just started her career.
So in the next five days I started to book my flight and a hotel room, before I knew it the day was finally here, the day that I thought would never come.
I was at the airport At 3 am on the 10th of September boarding my flight heading from Jeddah, KSA to Dubai, UAE .
It was a short flight, but damn those noisy kids, as usual there were not one, not two but 5 babies on that flight that I could almost swear were starting their own band of cry babies!
But I didn’t care, how many times do you get to travel to see mother monster in flesh ?
So I finally arrived to Dubai and I was excited to get out of the airport to meet up with a friend of mine called Mika Ashraf who was waiting for me outside of the airport but I had one tiny problem…..where is the exit!!
It took me like 30 minutes to get out of there not because of the paper works or the stamps but because of how huge the airport was, I felt like a the maze runner but without the creepy big spiders *thank god*.
So finally after climbing up the stairs then down the stairs then up again, go right then left then right I was out!
Time to get this day started!
I called also one of mu friends there to meet up with us her name was Shaima
She is truly one of the funniest people you would meet.
So it was time to line up outside the arena Lady gaga was going to preform at, after arriving there I really felt underdressed, everyone had tattoos, gaga wigs, high heals boots, leather jackets, impersonating gaga herself, even had huge signs saying “Dubai loves gaga!” And I was standing there empty handed like “wassup…..”
What really caught my eyes were the drag queens….yup Arabian men dressed in full drag in daytime…it was my first encounter with these species and they were cool actually, they didn’t bite or try to steal my nachos.
Accepting one another, no matter where we come from, what’s our skin color, religious believes, sexual orientation or even what we are wearing is what Lady gaga is all about and honestly these are my life principles, at the end of the day we are all humans, right? So live and let others live 🙂


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