Dahab Baby! : The Vacation I Have been waiting for..

You know you had a great summer vacation when you get sun burnt and can’t sleep at night, waking up everyday with a hangover from the night before and you find beach sand in weird places!

yeah, those 4 days were just perfect the snorkeling, tanning, dancing, hiking through mountains, trying different foods and even the stomachache that came with that was OKAY by me!

Dahab is really the place you want to kidnap your friends to, life is very simple there, all you need is just some flip flops or even a pair of sandals, shorts, a few simple t-shirts and you are ready to go!

IMG_4012 You will come across a lot of beautiful restaurants that serve traditional Arabian food with reasonable prices.

people there were really friendly, the atmosphere was really something magical!

but what really amazed me was the things we take for granted in our daily life, like the sunrise or sunset, the full moon reflecting it’s light over the dark sea, the high mountains, the palm trees on the golden soft beach sand

at first when people were to ask me about great cities to spend their summer vacation at, I would come up with lots of city names but now If you asked me, I would say just one word….DAHAB! IMG_4644


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