Dahab Baby! : The long road


the month where winter starts to fade away and the summer season and the hot sunny days starts to kick in, after a winter full with drilling hard university days, I decided to join my friends on a short vacation to Dahab, Qesm St Katrin, South Sinai, Egypt for 4 days, we planned our vacation for weeks and now the day is here!

we took the bus from Alexandria at 11 pm on Friday and started our long journey for 12 hours on the road .

at first on the bus everything was calm, most of the people were sleeping and I was watching Grey’s anatomy on my Ipad when my worst nightmare came to life!

I don’t know why, but god always likes punishing me wither I’m on a plane or a bus with little noisy creatures called “Babies”, so while I was peacefully watching my show, I heard this loud high pitched voice crying and it wasn’t that far in the bus, the parents with the baby were just one seat in front of me, he was crying non stop and the thing that irritates the most is his parents were sound asleep while me, my friends and people on the bus were awaken by him!

I honestly was about to start to cry out loud myself but I ended up pushing my headphones deep inside of my ears, played some loud EDM music and slept out of exhaustion.

“wake up, seat kisser” a friend of mine said, I woke up and here we were between rocks and mountains with the burning sun above us, “YES!” I said to myself, we were finally in Dahab, I pulled my headphones out of my ears, they were pushed too deep inside that I think I pulled a piece of my brain out with them.

so I turned to my friend, “what do you mean by seat kisser?”

He told me that while I was asleep, I bended over and slept on the back of the seat that was in front of us and while the bus was moving on bumpy roads my lips would start touching the back of the seat which looked like I was making out with the seat!

and like any good friends they didn’t wake me up when that was happening, they just recorded it.

Anyway, Finally here we were entering this simple yet beautiful Hotel, the feeling of cool air touching your face was heavenly, because outside the heat was really high.


we checked-in and went to our rooms to unpack and meet by the pool in 15 minutes, Honestly once I walked into my room and saw that big white soft bed that looked like it was sent from heaven, I wanted to drop everything and just sleep!


but hey! I’m not that kind of guy, in 10 minutes I was unpacked, took a quick shower, got into my swimming shorts and was outside by the pool enjoying the sun and the cool water!

IMG_4013 we sleep when we die, right?


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