Arriving To Alexandria : Part 2

I was dragging my bags and going through this huge crowed at the gate , there was too many people at the gate for a minute there I thought I was going to be buried alive under them the smell of sweat was unbearable
Ugh finally I’m out, so back to that optimistic thoughts I had few minutes ago when suddenly an old grumpy lady hits me in my back with her bags saying in a witchy mean voice “get moving, you’re blocking the pathway”10388595_10204227788354668_3816651080776417004_n
Of course I moved as quickly as I can without looking back, I was afraid if I did make eye contact with her I would turn into stone or be eaten by her three cats that she had with her
So now that I’m out , I should call my mom and tell her that I’m okay
So I called chatted with her for a while and listened to that old broken record about how to take care of my health, food and studying
Next on the list take a cab home
There was too many drivers offering to take me where I wanted to go, but let’s be honest these “I enjoy running over animals on the highway” faces weren’t fooling anyone
So I found this old man sitting in his cab peacefully
So I told him where I wanted to go and with a reasonable price he agreed, loaded my bags in his cab and we left the crowded noisy airport
In the cab he was playing old classic Arabic music, he looked exhausted which means he is not the talking type so I was going to put my earphones and listen to some songs of my own when suddenly he turned off the radio
And he started talking about his daily problems , I was okay with that , let him blow off some steam that poor old guy
When suddenly he started talking about his family and their problems, it got a little bit awkward because for him I’m a stranger so I really can’t say my opinion
It got more awkward when he started talking about his love life and how he doesn’t see his wife sexually appealing anymore, at that moment I wished that the cab would flip over so that he would just stop talking
After a 45 min long talks and by talks I mean him yapping and I pretend to listen
Here it is “home”
So he parked the car and turned it off I thought he was going to help me with the bags but he just sat there picking his nose, and the things that came out of it looked like something a bird would drop on your head when you are on your way to a date
It was just “EW”
So no thanks I took my bags up to the apartment, paid the old talking picking machine and sent him on his way
So now where are the keys?
I always forget where I put these things I need to start write notes
Aha! Here they are
So I open the door, and the apartment smells like a cat kept on farting till it died and probably kept on farting after, but I didn’t care I was so excited to begin this new life that nothing could bring me down
I started walking around the apartment when suddenly I walk into a huge spider web, I turned into a ninja trying to get it off my face, it’s like the spider read my mind and said “take that you optimistic creep!”
And god how I hate these 8 legged creatures of Satan..


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