Arriving To Alexandria : Part 1

The feeling of fresh cool air going into my lungs, the autumn leafs on the side walk, the huge amount of people waiting for their loved ones by the airport gate
These are the things I first noticed walking out of Borg El-Arab International Airport
This was the first time I traveled without my family, so it was kind of disappointing not to have someone waiting for me at the airport gate  but hey,10171249_10203827444266316_2221940628658777949_n here is to new beginnings!
How rude of me, I forgot to introduce myself..I’m Hassan S. soliman , I’m your average kind of guy 180cm tall dark brown eyes and hair with a perfect beard, I don’t consider my skin tone white but living in KSA for a long time could do that to you, you’re crazy if you thought about tanning there, the sun would burn you, probably you will end up looking like a second low version of snoop dogg, I just graduated high school with a high score & I applied for Dentistry at PUA In Alexandria and guess what I got accepted !
So who ever said god doesn’t give smartness & beauty to the same person I’m guessing he was ugly
So here I’m coming out of the airport felled with ambition and excitement for this new experience , the experience of living alone and living as an adult , when suddenly I felt like I was dragging something heavy with me, it wasn’t the responsibilities I had or the fear of the independent life, it was the bag my mom stuffed with homemade food so I wouldn’t starve to death, of cores I have money and yes I know how to cook, but let’s say I won’t be applying for chef Australia anytime soon probably never, I mean like come on who would want to eat from someone who liked to spit in a hot dry pot just to see his saliva evaporate, god bless her sweet soul my mother always over caring and protective, she has always been my rock and my best friend in the house, so being miles away from her for the first time is sure going to be hard..


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